Saturday, July 5, 2014


Community. The very definition is "a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals." I love that at 32, I have found a community of like minded friends. Friends who are really more family than friends. 
People I can dream with, laugh with, cry with, be totally emotionally naked in front of and know that they won't think of me any differently, despite the dark moments. 
People I can rejoice with. 
People I can pray with. 
Share food with. 
Love on. 
The very thought of them brings tears of joy to my eyes. Tears that I have been blessed with so much. 

I pray that everyone has the chance to dig in and find community with those around them. Especially, especially for the hard times. But mostly? For the laughter and the good times. The times that we can just let it all go and be happy. 

I love that my daughters are learning about community at such a young age. Matilda, especially, loves her friends with everything she has. I've learned so much from watching my almost four year old love people with her whole heart. 

I'm thankful for the community around me that cares for my children and loves them almost as much as I do. I'm thankful that I have people I can text or call on a bad day and know that they will pray for me. And I'm thankful I have people that will rejoice over the smallest, silliest things, and also the biggest and best.