Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Family Supper

"What happens during meals shapes a large part of our memories. As we grow older we forget many things, but we mostly remember the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners in our families. We remember them with joy and gratitude or with sadness and anger. They remind us of the peace that existed in our homes or the conflicts that never seemed to get resolved. These special moments around the table stand out as vivid reminders of the quality of our lives together.
Today fast-food services and TV dinners have made common meals less and less central. But what will there be to remember when we no longer come together around the table to share a meal? Maybe we will have fewer painful memories, but will we have any joyful ones? Can we make the table a hospitable place, inviting us to kindness, gentleness, joy, and peace and creating beautiful memories?”
- Henri Nouwen
I stumbled upon this quote, and couldn't agree with it more. Some of my best childhood memories revolve around a supper table filled with loved ones. We always ate together as a family, and I'm so thankful my parents enforced that. It is something that is becoming almost a rarity these days, which is so sad because it is a time that we can just sit and eat and talk and catch up with our families. I love the blog and book Dinner: A Love Story because it talks about how to make dinner a family affair. I'm guilty of often eating in front of the television, but i'm wanting to change that. TV dinners should be a treat, not an every day occurrence, at least in our house. 
I think that my generation is realizing how absent we are becoming from the supper table. With iPhones, and iPads and every other gadget imaginable, its hard to really be present unless we make a concerted effort to do it. I think it has a lot to do with my love for the Kinfolk gatherings and Sunday Suppers (who is currently looking for a studio and event assistant - my dream job!) and all of the other fun dinner party pop-ups that are occurring. 
What is supper like at your house? Do you eat together as a family or with loved ones/roomates? I would love to know how you make it work! 
*print via Oh My Deer - one i've wanted for my kitchen for some time!

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