Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rediscover Adventure

{image by Ruby Taylor}

Lately I have felt the tug at my soul for adventure. Not the traveling, seeing the world type of adventure (though, I admit, I wouldn't turn that down) but the kind that happens in the day to day. A new cooking adventure. A traipsing through fields and looking at leaves and bugs and flowers with my girls adventure. A starting a new blog adventure (hence how this one and its name came into existence). A starting to delve into homeschooling adventure. 

So, I am embracing this need to discover new things, this desire to show Matilda and Hazel just how amazing this incredible life we are blessed with can be. Seeing life through their eyes - one who is learning to do things for the very first time: standing on her own, eating new foods on a daily basis, figuring out cause and effect - and the other, who is a little older and is yearning for her own adventures on a daily basis is a magical thing. I can't even put into words how blessed I am to be their mama and to get to spend day in and day out with them, teaching and guiding them - I will never take this sweet time for granted.

We are starting homeschool preschool on Monday, and I couldn't be more excited about it. Matilda has told me she wants to learn to read, so I ordered this highly recommended book, and seeing where that leads. I am incorporating a lot of reading, nature study and art into our days as well, because those are all things that she loves to do. Not really sure how this will all work with Hazel around, but hopefully we will be able to fall into a rhythm that works for our family. I have a Pinterest board that I have been bookmarking curriculum sites and different homeschooling ideas that might work for our family. We don't have enough space for a school room, so we will be using our dining room table and the great outdoors for our homeschool room. I'm currently looking for ways to store all of our supplies that doesn't make that room look overcrowded. Thinking a small locker that I could install shelves in could be a fun addition. Any tips would be appreciated. 

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